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Real-time Monitoring/KF_Monitor

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Real-time monitoring operation(KF_Monitor)can build big data by centralizing various numerical and visual data which have different sampling rates. KF_Monitor can display these raw data individually and collectively and analyze them in time series. The two-dimensional diagram is the basic system for users to check observation points on the map and also to check distribution of observation data in the 3D view. The recorded data will be managed as big data and data of any time on the specified date will be replayed. This is the basis of our real-time monitoring system.

Main function
  1. Real-time comprehensive guidance
    • Comprehensive monitoring screen displays different types of data simultaneously.
    • It has a menu to switch what data to be displayed and in display format, etc.
    • It can replay the past recorded data of the specified yy/mm/dd@hh:ss by synchronizing all data.
  2. Data acquisition
    • The recorded data from various sensors and data logger will be sent to server by UDP or transmitted in real time by Web socket.
    • The data will be re-collected by FTP.
    • As for image data, a picture will be managed per sheet and streaming data will be managed by block unit.
  3. Telemetric monitoring
    • Various monitoring:
      Monitoring of sensors, logger, network, recorded data, temperature, humidity and log of observation facilities
    • Auto-discovery:
      The system (all AC/DC power-using equipment including data logger and router) can be restarted automatically or by compulsion.
    • Notification:
      It can send notification by email when any abnormal or auto-recovery incidents occur.
System configuration
  1. Observation points
  2. We develop our original data logger and universal smartphone logger for effective data acquisition and monitoring from various sensors. By combining with other commercial logger, users can choose the most appropriate data collection method to suit their purposes. The system uses solar panel and battery to secure on-site power sources as much as possible. It aims to stabilization and minimization of communication cost of data transmission by selecting long-distance ZigBee, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, 3G or 4G depending on the purposes.

  3. Observation HQ
  4. HQ is consisted of telemetric monitoring PC, data acquisition server, real-time monitoring and data analysis servers. We are compacting the system size by using virtualization such as VMWare and Hyper-V. We also consider to make the system more stabilizing and easier to improve by selecting Linux and Windows depending on the purposes. We develop our original data management system in order to centralize various data with different attributes.

Introduction example

・Seismic observation : 5 examples(Yamazaki fault zone、Iwate/Miyagi, Kashiwazaki, Tomakomai, Tottori)
・Others   : GPS continuous observation、Underground Storage Gas Leakage Test、etc.

Note: The specifications and design shown on this page and catalog could be changed without prior notification.
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