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Monitoring vibrations of buildings and seismic environment

What it is in a nutshell

 We have developed a series of products we collectively call Simple Multi-Monitoring Service (SMMS). Our goal is to provide a variety of sensor monitoring services that are inexpensive and easy to use.
Yure-MON NEO is one of our SMMS products. Yure-MON NEO monitors the acceleration of the building to which it is attached, as well as the air temperature, humidity, and air pressure of its environment.
It can be used to monitor the conditions of buildings and storage houses.

※A demonstration of Yure-MON NEOs attached to each layer of a five-layer structure. A nearby computer browser is displaying the time series of their accelerations in real time.

What it is in more details

1. Real-time monitoring of acceleration, air temperature, humidity, and air pressure

Yure-MON NEO samples acceleration at the frequency levels of 20Hz and 50Hz, and displays their latest 90-second time series in real time.
It also records the air temperature, humidity, and air pressure of its surrounding once every minute, displays their latest 24-hour time series, and updates them once every 10 seconds.


The recorded data is archived and is downloadable from the display screen. The acceleration data can be downloaded in the .win and .txt file formats, while the temperature, humidity, and pressure data can be downloaded in the .txt file format.


2. Transmitting data to the cloud by MEMS sensor via smartphone

The MESM sensors used in Yure-MON NEO are compact and light. They send data to the smartphone logger named SmaTra by Bluetooth.
The data is stored in SmaTra for a certain duration of time and is transmitted to the cloud by Wi-Fi or mobile communication systems.
Cloud users can monitor the observed data in real time on the web page.


3. Price

The sensor and data logger together cost 169,000 yen.

Usage examples

Usage example 1: monitoring acceleration on multiple floors of a tall building


In this example, Yure-MON NEOs’ sensors and data loggers are placed on multiple floors of a tall building. It would enable the building owner to monitor the differences in acceleration among different floors during a seismic event.
On high floors, the difference would become especially apparent between the magnitude of seismic intensity determined by Japan’s national weather service and that recorded by Yure-MON NEO.

Usage example 2: Monitoring the environment of storage houses


In this example, Yure-MON NEOs’ sensors and data loggers are placed in a storage house.
It would enable the storage owner to monitor seismic activity, air temperature, humidity, and air pressure inside the house at a distant location via computers.
This would save the cost of having to frequently travel to the site.

Note: The specifications and design shown on this page and catalog could be changed without prior notification.
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