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Earthquake Catalog Database

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Our original database of “JMA unified earthquake catalog” (about 2.5 million events since 1983) allows users to search the past seismic events by specific time period, area, magnitude or depth. You can check our earthquake catalog on “Seimicity Map”. The seismic centers shown on the above map occurred during the period from December 1st to 31st in 2014. There are 10,377 events (M:0~9) in total.

Earthquake Quick Analyze Service

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This system aims to comprehend the changes of each volcanic activity visually by sorting time variation of micro-earthquakes in relate to various terrain and geological information. The Earthquake Quick Analyze Service is a paid service, which can be accessed on the Web. It can also display a real-time monitoring data from other sensors (such as camera or seismometer).

Main functions

・Show all seismic events around volcanic mountains graphically on the digitized map
・Helps comprehending the current conditions of volcanic activities
・Generates weekly and monthly reports

  1. Show seismic data visually
  2. ・It shows all recorded seismic events with graphs and on digitized map
    ・It shows statistical data of frequency and number of occurrences of the past seismic events

  3. As a disaster prevention tool
  4. ・It shows warning notices and press releases published by JMA.
    ・It can also show shelter information and various hazard maps.

  5. Cloud service
  6. ・This service can be viewed on Web browser.

Note: The specifications and design shown on this page and catalog could be changed without prior notification.
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