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Policy for Protection of Personal Information

Knowledge Foresight Inc. receives personal information in the process of collecting information on this website. We aim to protect personal information by complying the items below.

  1. We will tackle protection of privacy information through appropriate management by our personal information officer.

  2. We will collect and use your personal information by appropriate and fair means after informing the purpose of use and getting your prior consent.

  3. We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use that you have given your prior consent.

  4. We will not provide third parties with your personal information unless you give your prior consent. When we outsource our work which related to personal informaiton, we equally oblige our contractors to manage personal information appropriately by written agreement.

  5. We will respond appropriately to your request to disclose, modify or delete your own personal information. Please contact our inquiry counter of personal information.

  6. We will continue to secure and improve our preventive and security measures by corrective actions for the purpose of protecting your personal information from illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage.

  7. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection and endeavor to continually improve our approach for personal information protection by building appropriate compliance programs as set forth mentioned above.

  8. We use Google Analytics in order to check the status of use and to provide higher quality information. Google Analytics collects access information of our web-site without identifying individuals using first-party Cookie.

    The collecting method and usage of information are provided on Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please visit here for more details.(Google Analytics is trademark of Google Inc.)

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